So you want to be a woman surgeon?

Love this post, as a female surgeon, wish I had written it.

Dr Nikki Stamp

I am lucky enough, from time to time, to be invited to speak to young women who want to be surgeons when they ‘grow up’. I always have a hard time striking a balance between what I should share that is positive and inspirational and what I should share that is a little harsh and uncomfortable. Once, I turned to my friends and colleagues on Facebook on what they thought about my topic for a women in surgery talk which was on how to have it all. One of my more opinionated friends summed it up pretty well – “I’d like to find the bitch who has ‘it all’ and slap her!”

I love going to these events, I really do. I want to inspire students and junior doctors, whether they be male or female, to a career in surgery. But I also want to leave them with a positive…

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